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3 Warning Signs That Your Site is Unnecessarily Slow

You may have an excellent website up and running: sharp graphics, an intuitive user interface, plenty of SEO'd content. But unless you had the website professionally developed, it may be running slower than you think. And the longer the loading time, the less traffic you recieve, the lower the user satisfaction and likelihood of return, and the lower your search engine ranking will be.

How can you know if your site's loading time is driving traffic away? Here's three warning signs that your site is too slow.

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WordPress Vs Drupal: Which Works for You?

When you're in the planning stages of a new website or you're thinking of incorporating a corporate blog, the first thing you're likely to do is a quick Google search in the hopes of finding the platform that will suit your needs. Google will display a long list of articles discussing the best CMS or the best all-in-one WYSIWYG editor, usually sponsored by a party with well-defined allegiances. So where should you begin?

Let's say you've narrowed it down between WordPress and Drupal. Another Google search will render you speechless at the near-infinite stream of forum threads containing emotionally-saturated discussions, none of which are likely to prove too useful without significant sifting time and an hour or two of therapy.

Comparing WordPress and Drupal isn't entirely unlike comparing apples and oranges--but if you're in the picnic-planning market and you need a straightforward fruit, I mean answer, this will help set you on the path to choosing the right one for you.

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Eye on Radii: David To, Image Magician

The path to becoming a graphic designer isn't set in stone—some of the best designers in the world come from the strangest backgrounds. For designer David To, visuals have always played an important role in his life, but he started on his journey of artistic expression in photography. Now he applies his skills to bringing the most creative and functional visuals to life on the web.

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